Fumeihua Outdoor Wall Cladding System

Fumeihua Outdoor Wall Cladding System is made of Outdoor Compact Laminate and Aluminum Profiles ,good at weather resistance and strong UV resistance. is widely used in facade of hospital, school, government building, airport,train station, business center, shopping mall , etc.

HPL Outdoor Wall Cladding System.jpg


1. Panel : 8mm /10mm thickness Outdoor Compact Laminate

Available Size: 1220x2440mm,1220x3050mm,1525x3050mm,1525x3660mm

2. Framework: aluminum profile and accessories


·Excellent decoration,environment friendly

·Weather resistance,anti-UV rays, storm tolerence

·Impact proof,water and moisture proof,fireproof

·Abrasion and scratch resistance

·Dismountable ,easy to clean and repair


Details Of Outdoor Compact Laminate

Normal Surface : F Textured

Normal Thickness: 8mm , 10mm ,13mm

Standard Size: 4'x8' (1220x2440mm) ; 4'x10' (1220x3050mm)

5'x10'(1525x3050mm) ; 5'x12' (1525x3660mm)