11-16 2019

Fumeihua Outdoor Wall Cladding System is made of Outdoor Compact Laminate and Aluminum Profiles ,good at weather resistance and strong UV resistance. is widely used in facade of hospital, school, government building, airport,train station, business center, shopping mall , etc.

10-28 2019

Fumeihua HPL Bench is made of compact laminate or CDF for different requirement. Here are 3 different common style of Fumeihua HPL Bench. #B01.Bench without backrest

05-31 2019

DESCRIPTION Fumeihua HPL Locker is made of HPL Compact Laminate with accessories .We mainly offer two kinds of locker system , type A is 12mm HPL laminate locker system, type B is locker system with aluminum frame.

03-26 2019

Fumeihua Toilet Partition System is made of HPL compact laminate and quality hardwares with good performance . Today we will show you the brief guide to installing the toilet partition.

11-19 2018

Why the compact laminate could be one kind of practical decorative board? The compact laminate is a decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin. The phenolic resin is impregnated with multiple layers of black or brown kraft paper, then laminated, and then pressed at a high temperature of 150°C and a high pressure of 1430 psi.