CDF (Compact Density Fiberboard)


Product Description

Fumeihua Compact Density Fibreboard is made of compact, black-tinted fiber and excellent visual impact, specifically addressed to architects and designers.

It can be cut,drilled,carved,slotted to different shape to meet different requirement on design.



Fireproof, heat resistant

Anti-scratch ,anti-corrosion

Durable ,impact resistant

Applications : 

Toilet Partition , Lockers, Seating Bench, Wall Cladding etc .


Thickness: Available in 12mm, 16mm, 18mm.

 Grade : 1400 , 1200, 1100, 950, 850 .


Standard Size : ( mm / feet)

1220x1830(4’x6’)   1220x2440(4’x8’)  1830x1830(6’x6’)  1830x2440(6’x8’)  1830x3050(6’x10’)