Lok Ma Chau

Lok Ma Chau.png

Project NAME: Lok Ma Chau

Time: June 2015

Product name: 70 m2 compact laminate locker

Location: Northeast of Yuen Long District, Hongkong

Project introduction: 

Lok Ma Chau is located in the northeast of Yuen Long, it is an important transport hub linking Shenzhen and Hong Kong .Lok Ma Chau tells Fumeihua they need 70 square meters lockers used in public place. There are several advantages of the compact Product name:

1. Durable, the density of the compact panel is 1500kg/m, is very strong. 

2. Waterproof,the lockers will not move for a long time and will be seriously dampness,but phenolic locker is waterproof.no need to worry about this 

3. Appearance: there are hundreds of styles and colors to choose from. 

Lok Ma Chau phenolic lockers.png