Toilet partition installation

Fumeihua Toilet Partition System is made of HPL compact laminate and quality hardwares with good

performance . Today we will show you the brief guide to installing the toilet partition.

1.Fix adjustable leg

Adjust the horizontal size between the door leaf and door crack, then bore holes in the

panel, fix the adjustable leg in the appropriate location with screws.

2.Fix corner fastener

Draw a center line on the wall, (generally in the center of tow toilet seats)after that

use a drill to bore holes, embed rubber plug into the holes, and then fix the corner 

fasterners on the wall.


3.Fix front board and middle board

According to the corner fasteners on the connect position of front board and middle board,

and then connect the front board and middle board as T shape.

4.Initialy formed toilet partition

Fix the T shape frame on the corresponding position of support leg and corner fastener 

with screwsm toilet partition initially formed.


5.Fix the bar

Fix the bar on the front board, adjust each door crack size, and fix with screws one by one.

6.Install door

First, fix the hinge (no cover) on the door, keep a suitable door crack, then fix the hinge

(lower part of the hinge) with crews, adjust the hinge to let the door open and close freely.

7.Indicator lock, knob

Line and drill on the door or T panel according to the hole distance of different locks,

adjust the screw of the indicator.


8.Fix coat hock, cover the screw cover, hinge cover, check thoroughly again.

Toilet partition installation finished.