Aluminum Beecore HPL Toilet Cubicle


Color: Teak woodgrain

Material : 18mm thickness aluminum composite laminate

Haredware: 304 grade stainless steel 

Type: Floor to Ceiling


Product Description

Fumeihua Aluminum Core Compact Laminate Toilet Partition is made of aluminum beecore inside covered with 3mm compact laminate double sides, fixed with aluminum profile and stainless steel accessories . It’s lighter and looks high grade,  available in 18mm,26mm,36mm thickness .It’s popular used for toilet cubicle in high grade shopping mall, hotel,office building and other commercial center .


Specification :

Material : 18mm/25mm/36mm thickness aluminum composite laminate

Hardware : aluminum profile and 304 stainless steel accessories.

hardware details refers to here.


Dimension :

Option 1 - Width 1000 x Depth 1200 x H1950mm

Option 2 - Width 1000 x Depth 1500 x H1950mm

Option 3 - Width 1000 x Depth 1700 x H1950mm

Door size : Width 600 x H1780mm

Handicapped door : Width 800 x H1780mm

Above dimension can be customized .


Style : Floor&head Mounted, Floor-braced,Floor-to-Ceiling.

Color chart refers to here.