Aluminum Profile Phenolic Laminate lockers


Color: Light grey, dark grey, orange, yellow

Type: Aluminum Profile Phenolic Locker

Shape: 3Tier door , Z shape


Product Description

Fumeihua Aluminum Profile Phenolic Locker is a kind of flexible locker ,it’s easy to install by aluminum profile and solid phenolic laminate , which adapts to any types of facilities , including swimming pool, gym club , school, office ,shopping mall , etc .


Excellent in

Water resistant and wet area suitable

Light weight and easy to move ,flexible design

No rust , easy to install and maintain ,

Anti-scratch and anti graffiti , easy to clean .


Material :

Solid phenolic laminate in different thickness (12mm for door, 8mm for side panel and shelf , 4mm for back and vertical panel ) , aluminum profiles, stainless steel automatic closing fasteners and brackets.


Dimension range :

Door Width : 300mm-600mm

Height : 600mm-2200mm

Depth: 400mm-600mm


Different style :

Single tier, double tier , 3 tier ,4 tier , 5 tier, 6 tier , Z/L style .


Lock Options:

Key lock, padlock, digital lock, number lock


Option accessories :

Coat hook, hanging bar, number plate, name plate , etc  


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