Restaurant Toilet Partitions


Color: white

Material: 12mm CDF board

Hardware: stainless steel accessories


Product Description

Fumeihua CDF Toilet partition is made of Compact Density Fiberboard and high grade hardware.

The Fiberboard available in different density of 950kg/m3, 1100kg/m3, 1200kg/m3, 1400kg/m3.

Various of surface color offered a flexible design , colorful the dormitory , factory , school and other public washroom .



Material : 12mm CDF board

Hardware : 201 stainless steel , 304 stainless steel, black nylon.

hardware details refers to here.


Dimension :

Option 1 - Width 1000 x Depth 1200 x H1950mm

Option 2 - Width 1000 x Depth 1500 x H1950mm

Option 3 - Width 1000 x Depth 1700 x H1950mm

Door size : Width 600 x H1780mm

Handicapped door : Width 800 x H1780mm

Above dimension can be customized .


Style : Floor&head Mounted, Floor-braced,Floor-to-Ceiling.


Color chart refers to here.